Forum on Democracy: Attacks on Public Schools as Attacks on Democracy

Mid-semester, I had the opportunity to attend the Forum on Democracy. I originally attended this event as an extra credit event for my Understanding the Global Community class (IAS 2003-001). However, I only had the opportunity to listen to two of the speakers with Dr. John Covaleskie being one of them. Therefore, I never got to use this as an extra-credit event and was thrilled to find out that it counted for a Global Engagement event as well. I took note over what he was saying throughout the lecture and found the experience to be surprisingly enriching. His lecture was over how education was changing in America. Dr. Covaleskie believed that by cutting funding for education, government and state officials were attacking the ideals of Democracy. He believed that, nowadays, students don’t have the ability to think freely and critically. They don’t know how to think for themselves because they are never taught to in school.

Adolescents are not receiving the same education their parents and their grandparents did when they grew up. This in turn hurts Democracy by attacking the public’s ability to think for themselves and those around them. It affects how the next generation views world politics and larger social and political decisions. All in All, I don’t disagree with anything Dr. Covaleskie talked about throughout his lecture. I wish I had asked him how we as the generation effected by educational budget cuts, can educate ourselves and promote critical thinking amongst our peers. However, I didn’t have the confidence to. As it is now I don’t see the battle for education getting very far within the next few years (especially in Oklahoma). However, the issue is prominent and despite setbacks, I believe the cause will endure. The fight for education will indefinitely persist and I know its quality will improve in the future.

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