Lunar Moon Festival & OU VSA

The University of Oklahoma’s Vietnamese Student Association held a large event on September 24h celebrating the Lunar Moon Festival. The festival essentially celebrates a new harvest and continually growth. As a Vietnamese-American I was excited to go to the event to experience bits and pieces of my culture. The event showcased Vietnamese food, traditional wear, dances, and music. Overall, I was ecstatic to get a taste of home on campus. Afterwards, I decided to join the Vietnamese student association and apply for the position of Freshman rep. I applied to become Freshman rep because I essentially want to continue learning about my origins and embracing my culture. OU VSA has given me a small home, they’ve given me a group of people I can call family. On top of attaining a greater sense of belonging through OU VSA I’ve been able to help spread cultural awareness and become actively involved in my community.

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